Familiar Alien (2023 - Ongoing)

Familiar Alien contends with the confines of verbal language, ruminating on the expansive, subversionary power of the photograph.

Borne out of a creative practice deeply concerned with interiority and introspection, these images attempt to transpose this inward gaze on subject matter decidedly attuned to physicality, mechanizing sensory experience as a vehicle for emotional excavation. The work is peppered with small doses of fantasy as a means to express and explore the strange, often mystifying nature of our internal experience. Hands squeeze, fluids ooze, and bodies exist in relationship with foreign substances, invoking biomorphic forms, queer eroticism, and surrealist whimsy through the reimagination of commonplace motifs.

These ambiguous interactions, malleable in their interpretation, not only invite, but welcome speculation and personal bias, embracing the free-associative, meandering nature of our subconscious. These are images attuned to the fundamental paradigms that define our existence—the corporeal, the cerebral, and the overlapping spaces that pervade.

Installation images